SEO Optimisation

Here at The Digital Cogs, based in Somerset, our SEO experts have the proven knowledge and experience to deliver SEO results based upon:

  • Solid, Current Keyword Research:
    Understanding which key phrases will deliver the best results for you and conducting an SEO audit of your web pages to highlight opportunities and areas for improvement.
  • Planning:
    Planning measurable SEO strategies that are transparent and deliver real results.
  • On and Off-Page SEO:
    Achieving high visibility in the top search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) requires both on and off-page work. The Digital Cogs can help with both on- page SEO such as keyword inclusion, relevance, linking and navigation, high quality content, and off-page SEO such a social media work, incoming links, help from bloggers and influencers and more.
  • Measuring and Monitoring:
    SEO is not simply a task that you complete once. Your competitors are constantly changing their marketing, search engines regularly update their algorithms and changes happen in the marketplace that affect key phrases and searching behaviour and open up new opportunities. The Digital Cogs provide SEO services with measuring and monitoring built-in not just to provide you with transparency and management information, but also to ensure that you keep maximising your page positions to deliver ongoing competitive advantage and a quality source of enquiries, leads and sales.

Web Development

Experts in web development trends, coding and best practices, our team know a thing or two when it comes to making websites that work. We have built a huge range of successful client websites, all of them working effectively for our clients and their customers alike.

Our website build process begins with a research stage, we research in depth any existing website you may have running, how customers use this existing site, and what more they would want. We will then assess your needs and requirements, taking into account any design elements etc and look to then begin the build. working closely with you throughout the build for a collaboration and combined effort.